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We have an extensive collection of linen, plating, glassware and decorative accessories to ensure that, no matter what the theme of your occasion, no matter how classic or extravagant your vision, your table looks custom tailored just for your event. Our design team can create one-of-a-kind centerpieces beautiful enough to stand alone as works of art. We can arrange lovely floral displays or even have our designers sculpt unique statuesque pieces. We make sure each element of your event is an experience in itself. 


We are courageously creative—there is no challenge too large for our talented design team. We take your imagination and create a personal utopia. We encourage you to express your exact desires because we are confident that we can bring any fantasy to life, and offer innovative ideas to enhance you original vision.


We are devoted to meeting and exceeding the client’s every expectation, and we take pride in our exceptional customer service. Our event staff adheres to the highest standards of professionalism, maintaining great work ethic, positive attitudes and versatile skill sets.  We aim to alleviate the pressures of event planning to ensure that you enjoy your event alongside your guests. Our team includes experienced hosts and hostesses, butlers, bartenders, kitchen and wait staff, runners, valet attendants and other service personnel dedicated to making sure your affair proceeds without a hitch. 



A full service hospitality firm, specializing in world-class cuisine, event management and production, and flawless design concepts, we produce nothing less than phenomenal experiences that combine just the right balance of simplicity and extravagance. Whether you are planning an exhilarating birthday celebration on the Las Vegas Strip, an intimate poolside affair for eight in South Hampton, GA, or a corporate product launch on South Beach, our creativity and expertise offer a limitless variety of exquisite menus, custom décor and an array of service and hospitality amenities. With Chef Ashley, Inc., splendor is at your fingertips; we would be delighted to make your next event an extraordinary affair

Tablescapes & Centerpieces

Custom Design

Butlers & Staffing

Custom Linen & Fabrics

Custom Furnishings & Props

Room & Venue Transformation

Tables & Chairs

Floral Concepts & Design

Custom Stationery & Printing

Entertainment & Themed Characters

Flooring, Carpets & Designs

Custom Cakes & Sweets

Destination Events

Place Settings & Flatware

Event Staging, Lighting & Production

Event Novelties & Accessories

Our headquarters houses a broad collection of fine linen, complete with chic textiles. Our clients can choose from an impeccable selection of cottons, silks, tapestries and more to ensure that their walls, tables and chairs are draped with the best luxury fabrics available.


We know exactly what it takes to bring a room together to create an exquisite setting for a luxury event. We understand the importance of consistency in the décor, menu items, entertainment and floral arrangements. We don’t simply decorate the room; we transform your space into an unforgettable experience. We will make sure that your hanging floral bouquets are beautifully illuminated by soft up-lighting, and that the furniture selections are harmonious with your style, and practically complement your guests’ needs. 


The foundation of a luxurious event is a magnificent setting. It is important to select an inviting space that will accommodate your event needs and your style. We have an astute knowledge of every component that goes into creating memorable affairs, and as an approved vendor for several of the finest venues in the country, we guarantee that we will help you select the perfect venue for your event.


We offer tables and chairs in a variety of colors and styles. Allow us the opportunity to help you put just the right touches on your event. 


We believe event experiences should begin before guests even arrive—that’s why we create tailor-made invitation options to dazzle your guests, and leave a resonating first impression. Delivering polished craftsmanship, impeccable style, and precise detail, our design team creates one-of-kind pieces that surpass conventional work—we create works of art. We can produce beautifully embossed and ornamented invitations, personalized novelty boxes and an unlimited variety of unique options. 


Flowers add balance, color and life to your event. Our floral team can create custom arrangements and pieces featuring tropical cannas, festive cherry blossoms, classic calla lilies or an endless variety of flowers, fruit and greenery. We utilize the expertise of our florists to make sure that, whether you prefer traditional or custom options, every petal, leaf and sprout contributes to the harmony and beauty of your affair. 



The AC Experience is an amorphous domain--governed by the imaginative approach of our talented and dedicated executive chefs and design connoisseurs. Our Event Production team can bring any fantasy to life. From breathtaking spaces, custom stationery, avant-garde entertainment, to satiating cuisine, we cater to every detail to create unique luxury events. Explore a sampling of some of our favorite experiences; each custom-made to suit the style and palate of the clients. Enjoy the creative journey developing these events from concept to conception.

Custom Theme/Design Assistance

On-Site Event Set-Up and Break Down

Venue Search and Tour scheduling

Budget Development and Tracking

Vendor Recommendations

Vendor Coordination

Detailed Timeline Development

Our bakers create enticing and delicious pastries and cakes that serve as a focal point and a memorable indulgence of your event. No detail goes unconsidered when our pastry chefs create decadent cakes that are both aesthetically and flavorfully pleasing. A rich Red Velvet Cupcake tower will beautifully complement your summer brunch spread, or a delectable German Chocolate Cake will deliver the perfect close to any hearty meal. We consult with our clients to understand their palate and pair them with best cake selections.  


Give your event a personalized touch with exquisitely designed stationery and printed materials. Bespoke thank you notes, custom labels and signage, and life-size portraits are just a few of the countless possibilities. Create a world all your own, and leave a lasting impression on your guests. 


Eat in elegance with our beautiful place settings and flatware. Let our design team adorn your tabletops with classic, modern or antique dish and cutlery collections, artistically arranged to create a euphoric dining experience.


We understand what it takes to bring your vision to life. We will work with you to develop the stage layouts, video and lighting elements, and special effect features of your event. Our experts can offer ideas that will meet, and enhance your vision, while our  management personnel make sure your event goes on smoothly. We employ our team of creative professionals to create staging, lighting and production details that exceed your imagination. We have access to skilled and innovative technical directors and production managers, dedicated to delivering a phenomenal and memorable optical experience for you and your guests.  


Our Design Team has a specialized knowledge of carpentry, architecture and structural design. We can design and execute custom furnishing and props to enhance the ambiance and overall experience of your event. 


Leave a lasting impression with personalized novelties and keepsakes. Thoughtfully designed trinkets allow you and your guests to keep and cherish a piece of your magical event, even after it has come to an end.



Whether you are envisioning rustic chic or ballroom elegance, your wedding will always be distinctively you! 
The AC Experience provides a full complement of planning services with expertise in organization, creative 
styling and attention to detail so that your wedding is all you envisioned.       

Online Wedding Planning Software for Couples

On-Site Lead Coordinator and 
Assistant Coordinators

Venue Consultation and Tours

Checklist Development and Management

Budget Development and Tracking

Wedding Styling

Floral Design

Etiquette Consultation

Vendor Recommendations

Planning Meetings

Concierge Assistance

Vendor Coordination

Ceremony and Reception Coordination

Day of Management

Vendor Research and Recommendation

Advice on Décor Elements

Detailed Timeline Development

Menu Assistance

Invitation Selection, Distribution and RSVP Collection

Rehearsal Venue & Dinner Coordination

In House Officiant  

Our variety of flooring options will ensure that you get the precise look you desire for your event. Whether your event is in a grand ballroom, a spacious tent or on a stately lawn, we have an array of parquet, plush carpet, turf and other flooring designs that will add our signature elegant touch. 


Our team  does not believe in limits, which is why although we are headquartered in Atlanta, we offer event production services across and outside of the country. We will partner with travel agencies and resorts to tend to every planning need for your destination wedding or event. 


Our resources include access to world-renowned performing artists, professional musicians, keynote speakers, and other avant-garde talents. We can arrange to have themed entertainment elements and characters at your event to further enhance the ambiance.  Whether you would like a personal concert, a calming string quartet, exciting dance ensemble or live mural painting, we will find just the right entertaining and artistic components available for your affair.


Sometimes, all you know is that you want to plan a beautiful event with great food and posh décor, but you don’t know how to bring it life—or you simply don’t have the time. Allow The Ashley Clay Experience to guide you through each stage of planning your event, from choosing the concept, menu and custom décor to organizing and managing scheduled events. We want to ensure that you can relax and enjoy your event knowing that every detail is just right.  

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