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Celebrity Chef Ashley Clay is a world-class hospitality company based in Atlanta, Georgia with a core focus on excellence in cuisine, event management and production, and hospitality


Chef Ashley was raised in Atlanta Georgia, where she was exposed to a style of cooking that fused her unique Southern upbringing and traditional American influences to create several flavorful masterpieces.


Ashley gave Atlanta residents a taste of her culinary delights before the age of twenty-one. Her creative cooking skills were put to the test during one of many visits to her mother's job at TNT/TBS Network to drop off a plate. "Charles Barkley came and tasted a plate and asked who cooked this?" she recalls. "He then asked me to cater the TNT Half Time show and that contract ran for two years." It was not long before her delightful dishes were being personally requested by ex-basketball champion Magic Johnson, the Steelers and several Falcon players, thus giving birth to her professional career.




Being the first in Atlanta to be known as a personal 'celebrity chef' and then becoming nationally known for doing one of a kind events is what sets Ashley Clay apart from others. It's all about presentation, texture and taste when it comes to one of her delightful dishes. Everyone from Ludacris, Bow Wow, Jeezy, Ciara, Ne-Yo, Kayne West, L.A. Reid, Keisha Cole, Floyd Mayweather and Tyler Perry have all experienced the cooking artistry of the Atlanta native. Working with influential individuals throughout the years has helped to catapult her notoriety in to the celebrity and political arena including bookings for private meetings in the Mayor's office for senators and congress.




Her culinary expertise and knowledge of salmon are unequaled. In the industry she is known for her 3,000 ways to make salmon. In addition, her most famous dish is French toast; a common request from Sir Elton John who states, "It is the best he has ever tasted."

"My most telling and favorite experiences is when Hype Williams hired me for the Kanye West's Gold Digger video. I flew to Miami and was treated like royalty for 5 1/2 days. On E! News Kanye related the experience of having me on set and how he never experience dining like that."

It is no wonder that Ashley Clay has secured her place as one of Atlanta's finest, boldest, and most creative chefs. She consistently creates hearty and authentic dishes. Among her favorites are Italian cuisine, fish, sauces and marinades. Then there are her naturally delectable soul/Southern dishes that compliment her diverse Southern influences in cuisine.

While Ashley has received countless professional accolades, she is not resting on her laurels and has her eye on the future to ultimately create her own line of seasonings, food products, restaurants, hotels and a television show. This all coincides with her motto - "Chef Ashley, Inc. is more than a catering company, it is an unparalleled experience."



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